Fasting for results

Vardag, Hälsa & Träning

I think it's safe to say that almost everybody have heard about the 5:2 diet ? A lot of people have also heard about the 16:8 diet. When 5:2 was new around 2012 I tried it. But it wasn't for me. I love food and don't want to be without it. Since then I haven't given intermittent fasting anymore thought. But then I strumbled across it the other day and realised something...

When I was living in England for the summer when I was 17 I tried a diet that I had heard of before I left Sweden. I lost weight but it was really difficult. And then I gained it all again when I started eating like normal. When I now read about intermittent fasting again I realised that what I was doing in 2005 was The warrior diet! One of the trending ways of eating right now.

And I also discovered that there's another way of intermittent fasting nowadays, the 14:10 diet. I don't like calling it diet because it's a way of life but... My discovery there was that I'm already doing it! I eat breakfast at work at 9:00a.m. and I have dinner with my children at 6:00p.m. at the latest. So it's something that I do but don't have to work for. Win!

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